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Why Choose Invisalign?

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    Why Choose Invisalign?

    Everyone gets orthodontics for their own unique reasons, and there is similar personal motivation when it comes to choosing between conventional metal braces and clear aligners. Since its inception, Invisalign has been a popular alignment method, discreetly shifting teeth into their proper positions and transforming the smiles of adults and teens. Wondering why you should choose Invisalign? Ask the orthodontic team at Mariana Orthodontics in Monroe, WA.

    Why Choose Invisalign - Mariana Orthodontics Are There to Help
    The Braces Are Barely Noticeable - Mariana Orthodontics

    The Braces Are Barely Noticeable

    The biggest draw of Invisalign is the composition of the trays used to align your teeth. They are incredibly thin, clear, and fit snugly against the teeth. In other words, no one will notice your orthodontics unless you point them out. And all the while, your smile will get straighter and stronger and more beautiful, seemingly by magic.

    Treatment Is Fast

    There are several types of Invisalign treatment, depending on a patient’s level of misalignment or whether they only want to fix some gaps, crooked teeth, or overcrowding. The average Invisalign treatment lasts about one year, but some patients may only need six months to correct what’s out of order. Ask your orthodontist about the version that’s best for you: Invisalign Full, Invisalign Lite, Invisalign Express, or, especially for adolescents, Invisalign Teen.

    Treatment is Fast - Mariana Orthodontics
    You Have Freedom - At Mariana Orthodontics

    You Have Freedom

    It’s natural for braces-wearers to get tired of their teeth being held captive by hardware around the clock. As long as you wear Invisalign for 20 to 22 hours a day, you can remove them when you need a break or want to give your teeth a little freedom.

    Eat Whatever You Want

    There are eating restrictions for people who have metal or clear braces. No hard foods that could crack a bracket, no chewy foods that could pull out a wire, no biting into foods you really love like pizza crust and popcorn apples. There are always ways around orthodontic-related food limitations – cutting foods into small bites or cooking things until they’re soft – but Invisalign-wearers only have to remove their aligners to eat whatever they want, whenever they want.

    Eat Whatever You Want - Invisalign at Mariana Orthodontics
    Convenient and Easy - Mariana Orthodontics

    Convenient and Easy

    Aligning your smile is a commitment and a big job, but when it comes to responsibility, Invisalign has minimum requirements. Wear the trays nearly all day every day, clean the trays daily, brush and floss your teeth as often as possible, change the trays every two weeks, visit your orthodontist as instructed. The process is convenient, easy, and proven. Invisalign works.

    It’s Comfortable

    The brackets and wires of conventional braces have been known to get in the way of comfort. The hardware can irritate the lips and soft tissues of the mouth, though over time patients do get used to this reality. Invisalign is comfy from the start. The smooth trays do not cause any irritation and, once you get used to the feeling of each aligner, they will fit right into your lifestyle.

    It's Comfortable - Invisalign Is the Way to Go
    Big Confidence Boost - Mariana Orthodontics

    Big Confidence Boost

    Anyone who has ever been self-conscious about the alignment of their teeth or felt uncomfortable about a problematic bite has also suffered a ding to their confidence. Choose Invisalign and you’ll notice just how quickly the most visible teeth shift into alignment. These early results deliver amazing motivation and a huge confidence boost that sticks around.

    Find Out Why You Should Choose Invisalign in Monroe, WA

    Discover your own reasons for why to choose Invisalign. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mariana at Mariana Orthodontics in Monroe, WA. We will determine through an exam and digital imaging if you qualify for this innovative treatment. Find out how Invisalign, and any type of orthodontics, will transform your smile.

    Find Out Why You Should Choose Invisalign in Monroe, WA - Mariana Orthodontics

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