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    love retainer mariana orthodontics

    Good Reasons to Love Your Retainer After Braces or Invisalign

    Retainers are an essential part of orthodontic treatment. No matter what kind of braces or Invisalign you wear on your teeth, at the end of the journey you will be fitted with a customized retainer. The retainer has one important job – keep those newly straightened teeth in place, permanently. If that isn’t enough reason … Read more

    Invisalign attachments Mariana orthodontics

    8 Fast Facts About Invisalign Attachments

    Attachments are part of most Invisalign patients’ orthodontic treatment. These miniature miracle-workers have a very important job and major impact on the movement of teeth and the perfection of smiles. It’s good to understand exactly how they work. 1. Attachments Have a Purpose The arbitrary placement of Invisalign attachments can make them seem like a … Read more

    invisalign for adults mariana orthodontics

    5 Critical Rules of Invisalign for Adults

    Every orthodontic patient has rules to follow to ensure their braces do all the hard work they’re supposed to do. When it comes to Invisalign for adults, getting patients to become rule-followers isn’t always easy. When you’re attached to your ways and lifestyle, it can be tough to change. Invisalign does require some adjustments though. … Read more

    customized orthodontic mouthguard mariana orthodontics

    Prep for Winter Sports with a Customized Orthodontic Mouthguard

    Hockey, basketball, and wrestling are common winter sports. Then there is boxing and martial arts, which are a popular choice for exercise. However you choose to move or play, whether you’re on a team or aim to get on the court or rink whenever you can, make a mouthguard part of your gear. When you … Read more

    braces elastics mariana orthodontics monroe

    Personalize Braces with Colorful Elastics

    If you’re wearing metal or ceramic braces, your treatment involves orthodontic archwire to connect the brackets and miniature elastics that hold everything together. The best part is, the patient gets to decide what color elastics are switched at every checkup. Who says braces aren’t fun? This is an opportunity to personalize your braces, which are … Read more

    orthodontic appliances dr mariana orthodontics monroe wa

    Orthodontic Appliances: Does Your Child Need a Palatal Expander?

    It’s time for your child’s teeth cleaning and the dentist says, “It’s time to see an orthodontist.” Some parents are shocked by this recommendation, others have been waiting for the day to arrive. While all children should be evaluated by an orthodontist by age 7 or 8, some need attention more than others. The state … Read more

    invisalign treatment how long mariana orthodontics

    How Long Will Your Invisalign Treatment Take?

    If you or your teen is interested in Invisalign treatment, you’re probably curious how long this orthodontic marvel will take to straighten your smile. The answer is unique to you because your teeth are unique. In fact, you might be surprised to discover just how little time it might take to get your smile in … Read more

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