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Types of Braces

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    Types of Braces

    One of the greatest things about modern braces is that patients have choices. There isn’t just one way to straighten your teeth, there are multiple options. You may qualify for several different alignment methods and have the privilege to choose what’s best for your budget and comfort level. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mariana Orthodontics in Monroe, WA, to find out what types of braces are right for you or your child.

    Types of Braces - Which is Right for You with Mariana Orthodontics
    Metal Braces - Mariana Orthodontics

    Metal Braces

    Metal braces are the orthodontic treatment everyone knows. Metal brackets and wires are strategically placed on top and bottom teeth to straighten tooth roots and crowns little by little. The modern version of this conventional orthodontic method has been minimized, with smaller and less noticeable hardware than ever before. Many patients enjoy sprucing up the look of their brackets and wires with colorful rubber bands.


    The world changed dramatically when Invisalign came on the scene. These clear, thin, nearly invisible aligners move teeth discreetly and efficiently. Many adults are drawn to Invisalign because it is removable, difficult to notice on the teeth, and does not come with any food restrictions. Treatment is also available for adolescents in the form of Invisalign Teen. The way the aligners work is the same for everyone – a few teeth move at a time until your entire smile is in alignment.

    Invisalign - Mariana Orthodontics
    Clear Braces - Mariana Orthodontics

    Clear Braces

    For someone who wants the perks of clear Invisalign but needs the 24/7 treatment of metal braces, there are clear braces or ceramic braces. Whether you opt for clear or tooth-colored brackets and archwires, both options blend into tooth enamel so they are hardly noticeable. You can straighten your teeth without feeling like everyone is looking at your hardware.


    Cutting-edge orthodontic technology, SureSmile begins with a 3D computer model of your teeth so individual tooth movements and archwires can be customized from the very start. These precise movements reduce discomfort because fewer archwire adjustments are needed during treatment. Even better, fewer office visits are necessary thanks to the efficiency and accuracy of SureSmile.

    SureSmile - Dr. Mariana Will Help You Decide if its Right for You
    Phase One Orthodontics - Dr. Mariana is there to Help

    Phase One Orthodontics

    It is recommended that children be evaluated by an orthodontist by the age of 7 or 8. While your child may still have a lot of baby teeth and be nowhere near ready for full braces, this early visit is important for correcting jaw and bite problems. An expander may be recommended, an early treatment that helps make room for permanent teeth to find their way into proper locations, minimizing future extractions and lengthy orthodontic treatment.

    Braces for Adults

    In most cases, adults are seeking to correct relapsed alignment concerns because they failed to wear their retainer after treatment as a teen. Some patients simply want to correct a few gaps or overlapping teeth that have always bothered them. Others want full-blown braces or Invisalign. No matter the circumstances, you can qualify for braces for adults – there is always an option that will suit your lifestyle.

    Adult Braces - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics Can Help
    Braces for Teens - Mariana Orthodontics

    Braces for Teens

    Teenagers are often the most common candidates for different types of braces, though many do find themselves appreciating the consistency and reliability of conventional metal braces. For those who have minor alignment issues or who underwent phase one orthodontics and are now in a good position for minimal phase two treatment, there is Invisalign Teen which can straighten smiles without getting in the way of school, socializing, sports, or other activities.

    What Types of Braces Are Right for You?

    Schedule a consultation for yourself or your child at Dr. Mariana Orthodontics and learn more about the many types of braces available and which ones are right for you.

    What Types of Braes Are Right for You - Mariana Orthodontics Can Help You Decide

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