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Personalize Braces with Colorful Elastics

If you’re wearing metal or ceramic braces, your treatment involves orthodontic archwire to connect the brackets and miniature elastics that hold everything together. The best part is, the patient gets to decide what color elastics are switched at every checkup. Who says braces aren’t fun? This is an opportunity to personalize your braces, which are a common feature among tweens and teens, so you can stand out – or blend in – exactly as you want.

Choose Your Elastic Combos

Your imagination about how elastics can be arranged on your teeth are only limited to your imagination. Read on for ideas then get started with Color My Braces to see what combos you like best.

  • Holidays: There are times of the year that scream for certain elastic colors, from Halloween (orange and black) to Christmas (red and green) to winter (white and blue) to Independence Day (red and white) to Valentine’s Day (red and pink). You get the picture. Go ahead, be festive.
  • School spirit: Whatever your school colors are, there’s no better way to show school spirit than with matching rubber bands – and it’s a great way to land that smile in the school yearbook.
  • Wardrobe: Do you mostly wear black? Or are you a plaid kind of person? Whatever your go-to colors are, get matchy-matchy with your elastics if that’s your preference.
  • Favorites: Do you have a signature color? Some orthodontic patients want to indulge color preferences at every appointment, no swaying from the norm. They might select the same shade of blue every time or every variation of pink. You do you.
  • Special occasion: Is the prom coming up? Homecoming? Winter formal? Get shiny silver, serious dark blue, or other festive colors to match your attire and the ambiance.
  • Pride: Want a rainbow on your braces? Just ask and you can wear ROY G BIV, or any other flag, to help you celebrate Pride.

Make Your Braces Look Their Best

There are a few things to consider about elastic colors. If yellow makes you happy, keep in mind that anything in this family (like gold or beige) can make teeth look unbrushed or stained. If you’re especially concerned with deterring attention from your smile, choose clear or white elastics. They blend right into your teeth and get the job done without any fuss, especially if you already have ceramic braces.

Indulge Your Elastic Color Preferences

If you’re on the typical 12- to 18-month timeline for wearing conventional metal braces, you have about seven to 10 opportunities to alter your elastic colors. If your treatment is longer, well, you can indulge yourself even more. Just remember, even if you pick colors you don’t like, you only have to live with them for six to eight weeks before your next adjustment and the opportunity to select a new combo.

Get Braces in Monroe, WA

Even though orthodontic treatment leads to a straight, healthy, strong smile, the journey doesn’t hold the same level of excitement for everyone. Elastics add a small element of joy to the process, which makes it more fun to visit the orthodontist at every checkup. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mariana Orthodontics in Monroe, WA, to learn more about what’s possible.

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