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Metal Braces

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    Metal Braces

    Metal braces are the traditional form of orthodontic treatment that can correct misalignment, bite problems, gaps, and crowding. Metal brackets and archwires shift tooth crowns and roots a little at a time until your entire smile is straight and strong. At Dr. Mariana Orthodontics in Monroe, WA, we specialize in metal braces and guide our patients from imperfect to perfect smiles every day.

    Metal Braces - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics
    Metal Braces Procedure - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics

    The Metal Braces Procedure

    Pop culture likes to treat orthodontics as a bit of a joke, but modern metal braces are smaller, more efficient, and easier than ever. Many patients like to embrace their orthodontics by changing the color of their rubber bands at every checkup to personalize their smile. Here is how the treatment works:

    • Consultation: Dr. Mariana takes x-rays and 3D images to view the position of teeth and roots. Recommendations are made about the braces that are right for your teeth – quite often, the best choice is metal braces because it’s reliable and easy to manage.
    • Placement: Once you have decided to get metal braces, an appointment is made to place the brackets, wires, and elastics. Your orthodontist may ease into the process, depending on whether any teeth have yet to erupt. Soon enough, all teeth on both top and bottom will be fully fitted with the hardware.
    • Adjustments: Over the course of about 18 months – shorter for some and longer for others – archwires will be repeatedly changed and adjusted to ensure that all teeth are moving at the speed intended. As treatment progresses, your orthodontist will make tweaks. Before you know it, your smile will look straighter, even under all the hardware.
    • Completion: When Dr. Mariana has determined your teeth are in complete alignment, braces will be removed, teeth will be cleaned, and a retainer will be created to keep your newly aligned smile in place. For many patients, the retainer only needs to be worn at night.

    Problems Fixed by Metal Braces

    Sometimes, patients are only eligible for metal braces because of the severity of their misalignment. Other times, metal braces are simply the right choice because of cost, responsibility, age, and aesthetics. Whatever wheelhouse you or your child fall into, metal braces are a good thing – they are the foundation of orthodontic care and can fix nearly any alignment issue a person has, including:

    • Overbite
    • Underbite
    • Open bite
    • Misalignment
    • Crooked teeth
    • Gapped teeth
    Problems Fixed by Metal Braces - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics
    Living with Metal Braces - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics Can Help

    Living with Metal Braces

    Getting orthodontics is a lifestyle change. Expect to feel different in all ways. Be gentle with yourself when it comes to this new and temporary way of being:

    • Accepting the hardware: The biggest change with metal braces is seeing yourself with brackets and wires on your teeth. Soon enough, you’ll smile and speak confidently because orthodontics become part of who you are. What might take longer to get used to is the feel of the hardware irritating the soft tissues of your mouth. Keep dental wax handy until calluses form to protect lips and cheeks.
    • Managing each adjustment: Braces cause discomfort regularly because with every visit to your orthodontist the wires are tightened and altered to shift teeth further. This pressure and tenderness will fade more quickly the more adjustments you have.
    • Altering your diet: Soft and cold foods are the go-to choices for orthodontic patients. You’ll have to avoid hard and sticky foods that could damage your braces, like gum, hard candy, and popcorn. Sometimes your teeth will be so tender you’ll only want smoothies and pasta anyway. This restriction will be over soon enough.

    Are Metal Braces Right for You?

    If you are interested in straightening your smile or believe your child is ready for metal braces, schedule a complete evaluation with Dr. Mariana Orthodontics in Monroe, WA, and learn about all viable treatment plans.

    Are Metal Braces Right for You - At Dr. Mariana Orthodontics Can Help You Decide

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