Meet The Doctors

Dr. Mariana

Dr. Mariana has an extensive background in general dentistry and orthodontics. She comes from a family of orthodontists, as both parents are orthodontists in Venezuela. Her father attended the University of Washington Orthodontic program, as did Dr. Mariana. She worked for three years as a general dentist before being accepted to the University of Washington Orthodontics specialty program. After completing her residency of two and a half years, Dr. Mariana has been practicing as a orthodontist for six years. She is also on the faculty at the University of Washington as a part-time instructor. It has been Dr. Mariana's dream to have her own practice.

Dr. Mariana looks forward to meeting you!

Dr. Max

Dr. Max

Dr. Max will be retiring soon, but will be working with Dr. Mariana during the transition period.