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    When you are looking for information about how braces work, who they’re for, and what is possible for your oral health, the best resource is your local orthodontist, Dr. Mariana Orthodontics in Monroe, Washington.

    Braces - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics
    Braces for Adults - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics

    Braces for Adults

    More now than ever before, adults wear braces to improve oral health and achieve a gorgeous smile. Invisalign makes discreet dental changes possible with nearly invisible aligners. Clear or ceramic conventional braces are a popular option for professionals who need alignment changes but want to keep their orthodontics under the radar.

    Braces for Teens

    Tweens and teens are the main audience for braces. The options for straightening young teeth are many, from Invisalign Teen to metal braces. Modern orthodontics are easy to wear, they’re smaller and less noticeable, and they are designed to work faster. Fewer teenagers think of braces as a dreaded rite of passage and simply a road to a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

    Braces for Teens - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics
    Clear Braces - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics

    Clear Braces

    There are two types of clear braces: Invisalign and clear brackets and wires. Some people who want removable aligners don’t qualify for this treatment, but there is always another option thanks to clear or tooth-colored brackets, arch wire, and rubber bands.

    Color My Braces

    Ask any orthodontic patient and they will share that the most fun they’ve had while wearing conventional braces is selecting the colors of their rubber bands at each checkup. Use the Color My Braces application on Dr. Mariana’s site and you can test out all the color combos whenever you like. It’s a great way to get future orthodontic patients excited for what’s ahead.

    Color My Braces - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics
    Emergency Care - Dr. Mariana Orthdontics Can Help

    Emergency Care

    True orthodontic emergencies are rare, and many problems can be addressed at home on your own temporarily, so you don’t have to rush to the orthodontist’s office (wax on a broken bracket that’s poking your lip, for example). No matter what though, always call your doctor’s office with questions, especially if you have severe pain or a serious problem with an aligner or appliance.

    Empower® Clear Braces

    Another option for under-the-radar orthodontics, Empower braces use self-ligating technology and clips to hold arch wire in place instead of rubber bands. The clips make for easy and fast wire adjustments. Plus, the brackets have contoured edges and a low profile for a more comfortable treatment while the system offers precise movement and control for efficient change.

    Empower Clear Braces - Dr. Mariana Orthdontics
    Life with Braces - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics

    Life with Braces

    It’s good to know what to expect from life with braces if you’re going to be living, eating, and playing with them in your mouth day in and day out. Get the scoop on eating restrictions and freedoms, when to expect soreness, how to take care of your hardware, and what feelings are normal.


    When you play a sport, you need a mouthguard to protect your teeth, gums, and jaw. This appliance is even more critical for anyone undergoing orthodontic treatment. Your orthodontist will explain the type of mouthguard that’s right for your sport, how to wear it with braces or Invisalign in place, and why it’s so important.

    Mouthguards - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics Will Help You Decide Which Is Right for You
    Orthodontic Appliances - Dr. Mariana Orthodontics Helps You Decide Which is Best for You

    Orthodontic Appliances

    There are many orthodontic appliances that your orthodontist may use before, during, or after braces treatment, such as a palatal expander, MARA appliance, Carriere distalizer, Herbst appliance, and retainers. Every appliance has its place in orthodontic treatment, though not every patient will need every option.

    Retainer Instructions

    Orthodontic treatment isn’t over when the brackets come off or the aligners are done. Retainers are an essential part of aftercare, and your orthodontist will fit you for a customized retainer to keep newly shifted teeth where they belong.

    Learn everything you need to know about braces and all that comes with them from Dr. Mariana Orthodontics. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

    Reasons to Pursue Braces as an Adult - Dr. Mariana can Help You Decide What is Right for You

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