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5 Critical Rules of Invisalign for Adults

Every orthodontic patient has rules to follow to ensure their braces do all the hard work they’re supposed to do. When it comes to Invisalign for adults, getting patients to become rule-followers isn’t always easy. When you’re attached to your ways and lifestyle, it can be tough to change. Invisalign does require some adjustments though. Here are just some of the rules that must be followed to get the best results and a gorgeous, straight smile. You’ll see very quickly that the effort is worth it.

1. Wear the Trays 20 to 22 Hours a Day

Conventional braces are on a patient’s teeth around the clock with no reprieve. As an Invisalign patient, you have the privilege of removing the trays for meals, snacks, and cleaning. This total will equal two to three hours a day. Just make sure not to go far beyond that time. The more the trays are on your teeth, the more effective the Invisalign process will be.

2. See the Orthodontist Every 6 to 8 Weeks

Your orthodontist understands that your schedule is busy. That’s why every checkup is designed to be efficient so you don’t have to take too much time out of your day. It’s essential to make it to every orthodontic visit because your latest sets of Invisalign trays will be ready and waiting for you to pick up and take home to continue your treatment.

3. Change the Trays Every 2 Weeks

Most Invisalign for adults includes the rule that you must change your aligners every two weeks. This keeps the process moving and shifts a few teeth at one time. The best time to switch out trays is at bedtime, because the first wearing will be the most snug and uncomfortable. You’ll be able to sleep through the bulk of it and go about your days afterward feeling better every minute.

4. Keep Up a Solid Oral Hygiene Routine

Along with your typical twice-daily brushings and once-daily flossing, Invisalign for adults requires that you brush and floss even more often. You must keep your aligners clean too. These obligations will only demand a few minutes from your day, a task that can easily be tacked on to the end of every meal and every morning and evening routine. The last thing you want is food particles or plaque living in between trays and teeth and causing tooth decay or other damage.

5. Stay Positive

If you’re an adult who’s investing in orthodontic treatment, you already know the benefits of this type of self-care, but it can be difficult to remember why you’re doing it sometimes. If you have a bad day and your trays are extra tough to remove or you just want a little snack but don’t want to take the aligners out, even the smallest thing can set you off – and interfere with the forward progress of Invisalign. Stick with it – your effort and time and inconveniences are worth it. Find out if you’re a good candidate for Invisalign treatment. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Mariana at her orthodontic office in Monroe, WA.

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