Herbst Appliance

Correcting An Excess Overjet

One of the most common problems we see at Dr. Max Orthodontics is an excessive overjet (sometimes incorrectly referred to as overbite). This problem occurs when the upper teeth protrude beyond the lower teeth. If left untreated, excess overjet can lead to problems regarding the function of the teeth and the upper incisors may be prone to accidental fracture. There may be an unnatural appearance of the upper teeth and the lips may be difficult to close. For these reasons, it is important to correct an excess overjet as soon as possible.

Dr. Max’s Solution For Excess Overjet

In order to correct this problem, Dr. Max will attach an appliance called the Herbst Appliance towards the back of the jaw. This appliance will help the lower jaw catch up to the upper jaw, thus eliminating the incisor protrusion. Initially, the appliance will require getting used to. Although the Herbst Appliance prevents the lower jaw from moving backwards, patients should have no problems learning to chew their food. In time, you will be able to perform everyday activities without even noticing it.

Maintaining Your New Appliance

Just like any other type of appliance, you will need to be careful what you eat when wearing the Herbst Appliance. There are a variety of foods that you should steer clear from so that it does not loosen, bend, or pull away from the teeth. Some foods you should not consume include:

  • Cold Foods Like Popsicles
  • Bubble Gum
  • Caramel Filled Candy
  • Crisp Veggies
  • Hard Candies

Once we have attached the Herbst Appliance, we will have you scheduled for regular appointments and checkups to make any necessary adjustments. If you are experiencing any pain on the inside of your cheeks, please do not attempt to adjust the appliance yourself. Call and schedule an appointment and we will take a look at the appliance for you.

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