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It's common for someone to be reluctant to contact a Monroe, WA orthodontist because they're worried about how their appearance will be affected when wearing braces on their teeth. The team at Dr. Max Orthodontics understands the concerns some people have about looking less attractive with braces. However, the truth about this is that most people looking at someone with braces do not view that person as being any less attractive due to the orthodontic appliances they're wearing.

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In recent years, studies have been performed in the orthodontic industry to determine the effectiveness of various tooth-brushing strategies in adolescent orthodontic patients during the first 3 months of treatment. The reason for this study was to determine whether or not using a sonic toothbrush was much more advantageous than using a more traditional, manual toothbrush.
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There has always been the question of whether or not orthodontic treatment harms
the diet of adolescents. 

Patients must make some dietary adjustments while undergoing orthodontic treatment,
as biting down and chewing certain types of foods - like chewy, crunchy and hard foods -
can cause discomfort while the teeth are moving into their new, desired positions.